A fucking ebook?

Every single fucking day someone does something completely fucking stupid, which could have been remedied by them paying just a little bit of attention to this site.

Clearly the self-evidently good fucking ideas aren’t that fucking obvious to everyone, so we figured we’d write and publish a book of Good Fucking Ideas to make it a little easier to spread the word.

But then we remembered that we don’t want to chop down more trees and fill the world with more stuff, and that we’re generally pissed off with contemporary forms of money. However, we want to buy some solar panels to reduce the number of bills we have to pay.

It is one big fucking tedious paradox that you have to have money to be rid of money.

So rather than charge we’re going with the kindness of you lovely sensible people out there to ask you to chip in to keep the Good Fucking Idea servers rolling, and to help us spend more time writing and finding new ways to distribute good fucking ideas.

Whaddaya say? Sound good? Then please contribute to the solar panel fund today!

Click here to lend your support to: Write and publish a free ebook of Good bleeep Ideas and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !